Wendover Singers – November 2021

The Wendover Singers are back “raising the rafters” again and have begun rehearsing at the John Colet’s newly refurbished smaller theatre. They look forward to many more rehearsals and getting back to normal as soon as possible.

The Wendover Singers are currently returning to rehearsals in a phased order:

  1. Members who are happy to return but not exceeding 50% of the capacity of the theatre.
  2. Members who would like to return a little later and still not exceeding half the hall’s capacity.
  3. New members from our ever-growing waiting list. We are considering when and whether we can go to 75% capacity, however, we will follow the Government’s and the school’s Covid rules at all times.

We are very excited that the Wendover Singers (Wendover’s Community Choir) is at last singing together again and that we are seeing our original singers return.

A big thank you to all members and many others, who have helped with the return and made this possible.

Find out more about Wendover Singers at www.wendoversingers.com or email us at info@wendoversingers.com.

Sue Thornton