Wendover Singers – Wendover’s Community Choir – update 2021

The story so far…

We had a splendiferous Christmas party, all members were invited to dress up, dress down, eat, drink and be as merry as they wanted to be on Zoom.

Looking back on 2020, nearly 80 members joined our ranks in March last year but we only managed two weeks of enthusiastic rehearsals. Since then we have been active ‘offline’ A newsletter is sent out regularly and our Christmas stall on the Manor Waste and our first concert for friends and family have both been re-scheduled for December next year. A big thank you to WPC and St Mary’s Church.

Currently some members are sending their recording of ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ to one of our talented members who will put the voices together and make it available to choir members, so that (each member’s) family and friends can find a surprise stocking present of ‘Sing with Bing’ on Christmas morning!

The very generous grant from the Lionel Abel-Smith Trust (LAST) had purchased an electric keyboard and the remaining grant money will help with the start of the first term when we are back singing together. Big thanks again to LAST.

According to feedback from our members’ questionnaire, “Getting back to sing together as a Community Choir”, is what our members are wishing for. Our venue at the John Colet School remains available and they have not charged us any fee nor retainer during these last months of 2020. A big thank you to them.
Our insurers ‘Making Music’ have been very helpful and kept us updated on musical issues across the UK. We hope to re-start in April 2021 but will obviously have to be guided by Covid-19 rules at the time. We will give all members and new members as much notice of the return to singing together as we can via the regular Newsletter and our Face book page and local papers.

We would love to hear from existing members as well as potential new members so please do contact us either via the webpage or email us at info@wendoversingers.com.

We look forward to hearing from you. And remember: ‘Tis the season to be jolly, mind you don’t sit on the Holly’.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2021.