Wendover Swimming Pool – re-opening plans

Wendover Swimming Pool Trustees are delighted to hear that so many people are keen for the pool to re-open!  As soon as we can meet the revised safety guidelines to our satisfaction, then we will let everyone know, through both the Wendover News and the Wendover Swimming Facebook pages. 


The Trustees would like to give particular thanks to Alan Smith, a long standing volunteer.  Every day during lockdown, Alan has ensured that the pool water has been kept safe.  Preventing the closed pool becoming a hazard to the community is essential work that had to be continued during lockdown.  Ironically, the systems we use to keep the water free from bugs mean that the water is a relatively safe place to be at the current time.  As a result of Alan’s efforts, once we are satisfied that it is appropriate to open, then the water will be ready for swimming very soon. 


The pool is a Community facility, run by a team of volunteers for the benefit of our Community.  Without the generous support of our volunteers (whether maintaining the pool, managing the swim schools who hire the pool or volunteering for the pool safety teams for our public sessions), the pool would not be able to open in the way it currently does.  Once we decide to open again, we expect to be asking more of you for help.  It would be wonderful if we could be open for public swimming in the school holidays.  One area to tackle will be the cleanliness of the showers, toilets and pool surround.  We are likely to ask for volunteers to help with that – maybe parents might be willing to help with cleaning whilst their children swim.