Wendover Village Cup

Village Cup – I saw in the August issue a report on the Village Cup final and saying it had been running for some 10 years. For info:

It was (in fact) first set up in 1996 with the full backing of the Club’s President Lionel Abel-Smith who gave the trophy, which is titled “The Lord of the Manor Cup given by Lionel Abel Smith – Wendover Village Cricket Tournament”. The first winners were the Wellhead Old Boys and it has been played for annually ever since, always to a pairs format and continues to be a popular event. The purpose / nature of the tournament is to give local “non-regular” cricketers and their families a fun friendly social setting, lasting about 2 hours a game with usually 2 games each Saturday and Sunday during May, June and July. Teams are made up of local groups such as fathers of similar aged local children, the football club, local builders, local teachers or just friends. In the last couple of years, it has been split into competitive and local leagues to cater for both those who play more seriously and others who enjoy the social nature and may be less gifted in cricketing terms.

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