Wendover & Villages Ukrainian Support Group formed

30+ families in the Wendover and Villages area are hosting Ukrainian refugees and 80+ guests will be here by the end of the summer. Support groups have been set up to assist hosts and their guests, however there is nothing for the Wendover & Villages area, leaving guests to seek support further afield which is not sustainable.

Following a meeting initiated by The Wendover Society, a community group has been formed with an eight-strong committee (two of which are Ukrainian guests). We are focusing on the practical, social, and emotional needs of guests and their hosts, drawing from other established groups and putting systems in place aiming to support guests and hosts from September.

We have received strong support so far from many organisations in Wendover, including the Churches, Wendover Society, Parish Council, and the Youth Centre. There are many ways which the people of Wendover & Villages can assist and support – donations of bicycles (and helmets), volunteers to help with social events, English teachers, administration support (form-filling) and befriending. If you can help in any way, or would like further information about the group, please get in touch with us at andrew@logicarchitect.co.uk.
Andrew Burnett