Wendover Woodhenge

Walkers noticed that footpaths in fields either side of Ellesborough Road had been fenced off at the start of lockdown.

A footpath accessible from Bacombe Lane was diverted, much to the annoyance of some who damaged a fence to regain access.

Archaeological excavations began on behalf of HS2 Ltd, even though we had not been given official notification of the start of some of them.

On Saturday 11 July, the news broke of many astounding finds in these fields just where the HS2 Ltd cut and cover tunnel is to plough through our countryside, including the site of a complete Woodhenge as well as Iron Age and Roman remains including skeletons, for details click here. Since then, the question on the street is – will these finds be destroyed? They have already been re-covered but this is normal practice after a first dig. Such activity is always carried out in full co-operation with Historic England but there is no indication yet of any plan to preserve the henge.

Local Environmental Conservation Organisation, Wendover Active Resistance Camp, gathered together committed people from protest groups who have vowed to protect the countryside from HS2 Ltd made a peaceful visit to the site on Sunday 19 July to mourn the probability that even though Wendover Woodhenge is amazingly well preserved and the best example of its kind in this area, it will be destroyed. To see a short video, click here.