Wendover Youth Centre May 2022 update

Wendover Foodbank Donation Week
In the final week of March, Wendover Youth Centre in partnership with St Mary’s, Wendover Free Church, Wendover Parish Council and the Wendover Foodbank ran our fifth foodbank donation week.

Owing to the recent financial squeeze, the amount of people accessing the foodbank continues to increase dramatically in our local area. The Chiltern Foodbank, of which Wendover Foodbank is a part, has seen a continued increase in demand over the last year.

Over the week, people in and near Wendover donated an amazing 351kg of food!!! This is a fantastic effort by the community and once again a huge thank you for all the support for the foodbank. The donations were greatly appreciated.

During the week, the young people came and helped with the cleaning and packing of the food into crates. It was great to see these young people put their time into coming up with ways to be a part of the week and help their community. A big thank you to everyone else for their fantastic efforts throughout the week.

Once again it has been amazing to see the populace come together to help those who are in need! We are incredibly lucky to have such a generous and caring community.

Editor’s note: Wendover News would like to thank our deliverers who donated £435 at Christmas time to the Trussell Trust Foodbank through local collection point Budgens. This brought 98.1kg of goods to local people in need after Christmas.

‘Engage’ Project
We are also excited to announce that we have received funding from Wendover Community Board to run a project called Engage over Summer. This project will involve running two youth festivals and a number of different workshops for young people to keep them involved and give them opportunities to have fun and learn new skills.

AGM and Friends & Supporters Event
On 28 March Wendover Youth Centre held its 10th Annual AGM. Thank you to all those who attended. We are excited to announce that we will be holding our annual Friends and Supporters event at Wendover Youth Centre on Monday 13 June. This event will be an opportunity for us to showcase the work we have been doing for the young people at the centre.