What is a U3A?

You are coming up to retirement or you are retired. You have lived in the same area for a number of years and yet you only know people to say hello to. You have so many choices. You can put your feet up and no longer be dictated to by the clock. You can spend long holidays wherever your resources allow. You can become a member of a U3A.

Joining a University of the Third Age is one way of getting the most out of your retirement. You will meet new people and find a variety of activities to get involved in locally. U3As in the middle of Buckinghamshire offer a huge variety of activities – Garden visits, History Trips, Bridge, Art, Crafts of various kinds, Extreme Activities, Languages, Science, Technology, Teas on the River Thames, Money Matters, Theatre trips, Drama, Literary appreciation, Poetry, Wine Appreciation, Gourmet Food, Church visits, Scrabble, Mexican Trains, Canasta, Concerts, Bowls, Camping and Caravanning, Chess, Current Affairs , Family History, First Aid, Walking at a variety if levels, Mah Jong ,Music I Like, Photography, Psychology, Scottish Country Dancing , Swimming for Pleasure , Tai Chi and Ten Pin Bowling . Depending on the particular U3A you join that U3A will offer some of these activities and others. You need to look at the web site of your local U3A. If they do not offer an activity you are interested in you will be supported in setting up a group to cover that activity.

Although called a University you do not need any qualifications to join and you choose the level to which you want to participate in terms of both time and skill level.

Whether you are developing skills that you already have or learning new skills U3A is there for you

You will meet people who share similar interests and you will have the opportunity to make new friends. U3A is run by the members for the members. Go along. Suddenly you won’t have enough time in the week.