Whatever your excuse, there’s no excuse for speeding

“I was late for work.” “I didn’t see the sign.” “There was no one else on the road!”

All these excuses are commonly heard when people are stopped for speeding. Buckinghamshire Council’s road safety initiative, Travel Safe Bucks is launching a new campaign to remind people that whatever the excuse, there’s no excuse for speeding.

Managing speed is something a lot of drivers and riders seem to struggle with, for many and varied reasons. The ‘No Excuses, No Speeding’ campaign looks to remind people of all the excuses that may be used to justify their speeding and all the ways these excuses can be challenged.

Managing speed is about knowing the speed limit for the road, planning and concentration. It’s important for drivers and riders to plan their journey to allow plenty of time to get to their destination, as being late is an excuse frequently used as a justification for speeding. It’s also important to keep an eye on the speedometer, especially when leaving faster roads and to look out for road signs when turning into a new road.

It’s not just about tackling the excuses for speeding, but also about reminding people that the speed limit depends on the vehicle you’re in and the type of road you are driving on. For example, vans and lorries may have different speed limits on some roads compared to cars.


Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“Speeding remains an issue for many communities across the county and can spoil the quality of life for areas blighted by speeding drivers, particularly in rural villages. It’s an issue we work with local partners, such as Thames Valley Police, to address. Speeding puts all road users at risk, not just the driver.

“Our road safety team has many tools available to the public to help manage their speed; including a free, online e-learning module and multiple eco-driving assessments which provide tips on how to manage your speed, and potentially save fuel and money – a benefit which is worth thinking about with fuel costs at an all-time high. The campaign also has a free downloadable campaign toolkit for schools, businesses and local communities to help tackle speeding in their area.

“As the weather improves and more people are using the roads, either driving, riding, cycling or walking, it’s important that we are aware of vulnerable road users and try to keep each other safe on the roads. Please remember, whatever your excuse there really is no excuse for speeding.”

For more information about the campaign or to download the campaign toolkit, visit our website.

You can access the following e-learning module & eco driving modules: