Wheelchair Funding Help 

Hi I’m Hannah, you’ve probably seen me around Wendover in my pink wheelchair with my very happy Border Collie! I am a professional wheelchair dancer and actress and I am currently trying to get funding to buy a new dance wheelchair. I wondered if anybody local would be able to give me any help or advice?

About me

Dance and acting have always been my passion and whilst training I became ill overnight which meant I needed to start using a wheelchair 11 years ago. Since then I have worked on getting my independence back and getting back into the performance industry. I’ve had some incredible experiences lately working with FKA Twigs, BBC, Candoco Dance Company and training with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures Dance Company, among others. I also work as a community dance artist specialising in advanced inclusive dance and working with companies to make their workplace more accessible.


Why I need a new wheelchair

It has been amazing but it has been very noticeable that the only thing holding me back now is my current wheelchair. There are many elements that make it difficult to manoeuvre quickly and have freedom to move. The main ones are the heaviness of the chair, the tall backrest and the overall size and dimensions of the chair. My wheelchair is like a pair of shoes – trying to move and dance in ones that don’t fit and aren’t suitable for the activity you are doing means you are already starting at a disadvantage. So not only is my wheelchair a lifeline for everyday use, it is essential to keep me doing the job I love.

Unfortunately though, specialised dance wheelchairs are extremely expensive. After having a consultation at the Gerald Simonds Healthcare Supplier in Aylesbury, I have a much clearer idea of the amount of funds I need to raise. The total is just over £6000. I have saved £2000 currently and therefore need to raise £4000 more. (I would definitely recommend them for anyone who is in a similar situation or has any mobility needs.)



I am looking at charity support but there is barely any support out there for dance wheelchairs for over 25’s (unless you have a specific condition). Therefore, I am also trying to find other ways of raising this money. Honestly, I would be happier working for the money, or at least repaying anyone’s generosity through volunteering. I have a skill set of acting/ presenting/ dancing and voice work so I would more than happily help with any promoting or internal work. Likewise, if anyone knows of anyone that may be able to offer sponsorship this would be greatly appreciated.

Having been a resident here for a few years (and having grown up going to Sir Henry Floyd), I have experienced the kindness and support from the local community. I would love to give something back to those around me and help support them in any way that I can.


Help I’m looking for

Any help is greatly appreciated. Some examples of what would be really helpful are:

  • Contact with anyone who has bought an active wheelchair
  • Contact with anyone who knows a company/ anyone with knowledge of wheelchair funding
  • Any local businesses that would consider sponsorship
  • Any charities that would be able to help with funding
  • Anyone with experience of wheelchairs or inclusive sport/ dance
  • Dance/ performance work locally
  • Just anyone that would be willing to help in any way!


I’m hoping I can use the knowledge I get from this experience to help others in a similar situation as it is such a daunting and difficult process, so I’m really interested in networking and finding other people that may be able to help in any manner or just want to connect.

If you have any suggestions or would like any more information, please feel free to contact me on: hannah.raynor.dance@gmail.com or my GoFundMe page on: https://www.gofundme.com/f/keep-hannah-dancing