When it comes to food, are we Spoiled Rotten in Bucks?

At a time when environmental issues are quickly climbing the national agenda, it’s sobering to be reminded that 7.1 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in UK homes. That’s not only a massive waste of the Earth’s resources, but a waste of money too – about £230 per person annually  in the UK.

That’s why the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire is joining the national ‘Spoiled Rotten’ campaign that asks people to consider ways they can act to reduce their own food waste, through:

  • Only buying what’s needed
  • Storing things properly
  • Ensuring everything gets used.

Speaking on behalf of the Waste Partnership, Buckinghamshire County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment Clive Harriss said: “Although Buckinghamshire has a solid record when it comes to green issues such as recycling at home, most of us could do a bit better when it comes to wasting food. It’s so easy to be tempted while out food shopping, but we need to be realistic too – there’s only so much an individual or family can eat. Wasting good food is not only terrible for the environment, it’s expensive too!”

Even if you live a busy life, a few simple tips can make a big difference.

  • Check your fridge and your food cupboard regularly so you know what needs eating up and what’s running out – especially important when you’re heading off to the shops.
  • Make sure everything’s stored properly so that it lasts as long as possible – if something’s nearing its date, find a way of using it or – where appropriate – freeze it.
  • Make a shopping list, and when buying fruit and veg, be realistic about what you can eat – maybe it’s better to buy one or two loose rather than a whole bag.

But we know lots of Bucks residents are really good at this already, so we’re running a competition from 28 October to 7 December that gives residents the chance to submit their favourite tips, hints and ideas to reduce food waste through buying and storing food properly.

The best tip will win the big prize of a £100 hamper of Zero Waste goodies, with 10 runners up receiving a food waste survival kit. You can enter at www.recycleforbuckinghamshire.co.uk/spoiled-rotten-competition