Whitchurch Morris – May/June 2020 update

Whitchurch Morris will only dance out again once it is safe to do so. In light of the current ongoing Coronavirus crisis it is unlikely that we will be dancing anywhere until at least June. We will keep you posted. Please visit our Website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages for latest news.

We have been having Zoom meetings each practice night to keep contact with everyone.These consist of chatting and singing and the playing of Morris music. We have also been showing off our kitchen skills to make others envious of what has been put together. Among other things: sourdough bread, all sorts of things you can put in celery.

We had a zoom meeting on 1 May. One of our men danced in his garden at 5.30am (no bells to upset next door) – lovely bird song. Others danced during the meeting.

Please find a list of the events we have missed and are going to miss on www.whitchurchmorris.org.uk.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will see you all soon.