The Whitchurch Morris Men – Morris Reloaded

The long summer vacation might just have started but you’re probably already wondering what to do for entertainment. I have great news for you. Following a bagging session the other evening, we have enough men and dancers to give you two additional evenings out no less.

Notwithstanding this summer’s curse of the Tuesday night weather, we shall be at:-

The Bell, Stoke Mandeville on Tuesday 16 August at 8 p.m. and

The Bucks Yeoman in Bedgrove on Tuesday 23 August at 8 p.m.

So if you’re having a staycation or just need a pint at the end of a hot and sticky day, come and explore the local hostelries and see what the locals really get up to.

On the 6th July, I did go to the St Michael’s Street Folk Festival in St Alban’s and had a really great time. I lost count of the Morris sides dancing. The church was ringing on all 8 bells and there was Irish and Scottish dancing, folk singing, children were dancing in the street and finding their own sticks to join in, maypole in the School and everywhere and I mean everywhere, had a bar and a barbeque. I found myself talking to a lady from Wicket Brood and she said they’d been dancing in Colditz Castle. Okay own up – who would have thought that when you were watching Robert Wagner in Colditz on TV in the early 70’s?

Whilst at the top of the street, I got talking to some people about the event and how there were enjoying it. They said they weren’t local so I asked where they were from. Quainton came the reply. Okay so where were they the previous evening when the WMM were dancing their hearts out at the George and Dragon. They’d forgotten. Quainton, you’ve got secret Morris Groupies!

September will see the Whitchurch Men out on days of Dance with other sides.

The 3rd and 4th September is the East Suffolk Ring Meeting in Framlingham with further events every weekend for the rest of the month. I’ll write more in the next news letter.

Written by: 49