Who is making the planning decisions for Aylesbury Vale?

I am somewhat confused about how democracy is supposed to work in Aylesbury Vale. I have parish councillors, district councillors, county councillors and an MP. From local planning meetings I have attended, conversations with councillors at all levels and from concerned comments posted by my MP on various planning applications regarding large scale developments in the Vale, it is clear, all of these individuals seem to agree with many of their constituents that large scale developments pose a threat in many ways to the Vale’s character, landscape and current infrastructure. These are the people we have voted for and appear to be trying to protect the Vale from further large scale development. And yet it keeps happening. Fields, hedgerows and copses in Aston Clinton, Stoke Mandeville, Weston Turville and Wendover are being ripped up under the teeth of the developer’s diggers. In Worlds End the preservation of a Site of Special Scientific Interest in its current condition hangs by a thread dependent on the decision to be made by the Planning Inspectorate in June. My question is, to those who can answer, via this newspaper, who is doing this to us and the Vale? More importantly why are they doing this? We do not want it. My elected representatives do not want it. So please, tell us, the people who pay their council tax to those paid to make these decisions, why you want it? In the very least, we deserve an answer.