Why buy new? Survey reveals why Bucks homebuyers prefer new homes

A typical street scene at Woburn Downs

It’s out with the old and in with the new as residents in Buckinghamshire have named the top reasons they’d choose to buy a new build over a second-hand property.

For many house hunters, it can be daunting to know where to start when looking for your first, or even your forever home. But a recent survey has highlighted the reasons people living in Buckinghamshire would choose to purchase a property from a new build developer.

The survey, which was conducted by Barratt and David Wilson Homes* named things such as good value in the long run as the top reason new could be the way forward. The answers included:


Good value in the long run

New build properties can rise in value over the years making them a great investment for homebuyers. 36% of people in the county named value as a top influence for choosing new.

Purchasing a home on a large development can also be appealing to buyers when it the time comes to sell as they may have brand new facilities onsite such as schools, parks and community centres.

Moving into a place with a brand new kitchen and bathroom mean you don’t have to lift a finger and can enjoy your new home straight away.


It’s a blank canvas

A blank canvas is a very attractive thing for many buyers looking to put their stamp on a brand new property, including 26% of people in Buckinghamshire. Having a space to make your own is a very exciting thing and feeling at home is a very important part of the home buying journey.

The housebuilder’s Choices and Expressions range allows purchasers to add the final finishing touches to make their homes unique. House hunters securing a home off-plan or at an early stage in the build process are able to specify a range of things from upgrading a kitchen or bedroom, to choosing carpets and furnishings.


Jason Hearn, Sales Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said: “This survey highlights the fact that new homes generally offer a range of benefits that the second hand market cannot hope to match.

“It’s no surprise that people in Buckinghamshire have named these top influences in them choosing a new build property and it’s great to see so many people recognising the benefits of these.”

Barratt Homes is currently building properties at the following developments in Buckinghamshire: Brooklands, Eagles’ Rest, Woburn Downs and Fairfields in Milton Keynes.

David Wilson Homes is also currently building properties in Buckinghamshire at Fairfields, Eagles’ Rest and Woburn Downs, as well as at Lavendon Fields in Lavendon and Brooklands Park in Milton Keynes.

For further information about any nearby developments, please call the Barratt Homes sales team on 033 3355 8481 or the David Wilson Homes sales team on 033 3355 8486. Alternatively, you can visit www.barratthomes.co.uk or www.dwh.co.uk.


*An online survey was conducted among 2,098 respondents from the UK, some of whom were homeowners (inc. first time buyers), downsizers, employed and/or commuted to work.