WJFC Girls Section!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new WJFC Girls Section! This is an exciting development for the club and will provide more football opportunities for girls in and around Wendover. This season, we’re starting with school years 5, 6 and 7; hopefully this will expand to other age groups in the future. The first session took place at the end of September and we are delighted to have over 30 girls attending!

No previous experience or level of ability is required and the focus of the early part of the season will be on providing a fun introduction to the sport – with no pressure to play in matches or competitive leagues. As the squad develops we will look to arrange some friendly fixtures.

The sessions are run by an qualified FA coach, supported by other experienced coaches from the Club and parent volunteers. To find out more, please email the club on wjfc-girls@outlook.com.

All our age groups across the club are now back in training and playing in matches, in line with all appropriate COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. It’s been fantastic to see our young players getting back to football, in the fresh air with their team mates!