Wendover Neighbourhood Plan May 2017

The April print edition of Wendover News carried a summary of the feedback of the two February launch events. A detailed report on this and the email or other individual responses, were published on the website http://www.wendoverneighbourhoodplan.co.uk/ in the week after Easter.

Email issues: many of the emails contain specific comment on housing sites including a number of solutions or potential solutions to problems facing the community.

WPC VALP response: Wendover Parish Council has now withdrawn its suggested sites for development in Wendover including the Old Sewage Works and land accessible through Castle Park Road.

Community Engagement

The Steering Group is endeavouring to reach people who were unable to attend the Launch Events in February. In March the same materials were set up in Wendover Christian Centre for a week allowing visitors to access them. Each time, a Steering Group member spoke briefly, explained the process and boards encouraging those present to take part, by completing post-it notes or talking to a Group member. At least 251 people of all ages, mostly senior, were engaged.

Tue 14th

Food Bank support group

Tuesday Coffee Drop In

Simply Walk

Lenten Lunch Group

~ 45 for coffee + 12 lunchers

most 50+

Wed 15th

Wendover Free Church

Senior Lunches


most 60+



monthly speaker group for seniors


most 60+

Fri 17th

Noah’s Ark, pre-preschool group,

children and carers

~ 40 children under 3
Sat 18thWendover Free Church Book Club12
Sun 19thCongregations were encouraged to look at the materials after their services3 + 26 + 23 adults & children

The Steering Group is keen to obtain responses from the entire community including those who do not usually answer questionnaires. To this end, Wendover Neighbourhood Plan representatives will have stalls at the forthcoming Primary School Summer Fetes:

20 May12 – 3pmJohn Hampden Fete
10 Jun12 – 4pmWendover CofE Junior School Strawberry Fayre
6 Jul3.30 – 5.30pmHalton Combined School Summer Fete

Details of all future events will appear on the WNP website. All are very welcome.

Vale Area Local Plan (VALP)

The latest news is that the final version of VALP, taking account of public comments made last summer, is likely to be published within the next two months and there will be a further chance to comment before it goes to the Department for Communities and the Environment for consideration and a public enquiry.


Members of the Steering Group have met individually 8 people who offered help either by email or at a Launch Event. If you would like to help, please come forward – all experience and enthusiasm welcomed.
If you are an individual or member of a group which would find it difficult to attend a public meeting or drop in session, please contact the Steering Group through the website or email.