Wendover Neighbourhood Plan November 2018

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP)

The Inspector has recently published his interim findings following the VALP EIP. These are visible on the website (https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/section/vale-aylesbury-local-plan-valp-2013-2033) together with all other relevant documents. AVDC have already made their comments. The inspector is considering them and will publish any changes to the interim findings shortly.

The main conclusion of the Inspector is that whilst he finds much in the VALP that is sound he has sufficient concerns to require AVDC to undertake further work and prepare (with his help) a significant number of Modifications to the Plan.

This process will take some weeks. Once this further work has been done, there will be an opportunity for the public and participants to make comment on the variations (known as Modifications) to the Plan that are proposed.

At this stage the Steering Group (SG) are considering the detail of the Inspector’s findings and taking advice on the complex planning issues. Some of the main features to date which might affect Wendover are:-

  • An increased housing requirement for the district of 31,500
  • A requirement that more allocations be made close to MK
  • A recognition by the Inspector that more details are needed within VALP on specific transport policies which will enable development to be delivered – many of these are in the supporting evidence which is not appropriate in planning terms
  • Improvements to the clarity of the Plan itself on (inter alia) vehicle parking, design, protection of amenity, and sports, and green infrastructure
  • More details on the policy affecting RAF Halton’s development, including the protection of the green environment and the need to retain the sports facilities

We are seeking to clarify certain terms of the Inspector’s Note to understand whether the additional housing need figure will result in further housing development in the area apart from the Halton allocation. The inspector favours more housing allocations in the North of the District adjoining the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Expressway route once determined.

The Inspector has also questioned the plan’s approach to the Green Belt (GB) issues at Halton and suggested any Modification affecting Halton needs to consider this issue (ie whether and how GB land at Halton is dealt with).

This is only a snapshot of the main issues and the proposed modifications will need more detailed analysis and assessment by the SG. Follow advice on the AVDC website about when the public may make representations. Meanwhile the SG continues to prepare a draft of Wendover Neighbourhood Plan, website. http://wendoverneighbourhoodplan.co.uk/index.html