Wendover Neighbourhood Plan September 2017

Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is always happy to receive your views over current issues affecting Wendover such as the future of RAF Halton; issues affecting Princess Mary Gate; community facilities etc.

Wendover Neighbourhood Plan will map out the future of Wendover as we, the residents, see it, to retain the essential character of Wendover. A Plan gives Wendover a chance to suggest where and what style of development might happen.

Wendover Neighbourhood Plan is being developed by a steering group. The recommendations that will appear in the Plan are not those of the steering group but are YOURS. They will emerge from the consultations with the community which are happening now and will continue. This will culminate in a questionnaire which will go to every household and business in Wendover.

The Neighbourhood Plan will deal with a range of factors including:

  • Business
  • Community
  • Facilities
  • Conservation & Heritage
  • Environment & Open spaces
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport

The Steering Group needs volunteers to help do some of the research into these areas. Come along to one of the meeting opportunities shown below to hear what’s happening and find out how you could help.If you have volunteered already, you will be contacted again by email. You do not need to be an expert in any of the areas shown but willing to spend some time at your computer or talking to those who do know about these things.

If you would like to help us please contact us through our website, email, or leave your details at the Clock Tower. Provide us with your name, contact details and which of the seven issues you would like to help with.

All dwellings in Wendover should receive a leaflet with an update on progress so far including these dates in early September.