Working to prevent homelessness in Buckinghamshire – tell us your views

Tackling homelessness and rough sleeping is a key priority for Buckinghamshire Council. The Council has already made great strides in protecting these vulnerable people during the pandemic and preventing people from rough sleeping. We’ve now formed a new strategy for how we want to build on this work and tackle homelessness over the next three years.


We’re now inviting residents to comment on the new Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy as part of a four-week public consultation that’s launched this week.  We want to hear from anyone who may be affected or who wishes to comment on how Buckinghamshire Council is addressing homelessness going forward.


The draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy builds on the strong partnership the Council has with key stakeholders and partner agencies, who have been involved in shaping the draft strategy. It aims to support people to stay in their homes, or, where this isn’t possible, to find lasting and affordable housing solutions. The main priorities set out in the strategy are:


• To provide advice, information and support on housing and related issues to enable those at risk of becoming homeless to take steps to remain in their accommodation where feasible and appropriate, or to undertake a planned move if required

• To identify those at risk of becoming homeless at the earliest possible stage, and to intervene proactively to prevent them becoming homeless

• Where a household does become homeless, to support them to find appropriate alternative accommodation as quickly as possible

• To prevent anyone having to sleep rough

• To maximise the supply of affordable rented accommodation


Buckinghamshire Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing, Homelessness and Regulatory Services, Mark Winn, said:


“Every case of homelessness is one too many. Our draft strategy sets out our ambition to fulfil one of the main priorities of the council – to virtually eliminate rough sleeping, which is one of the most visual aspects of homelessness. The strategy also aims to make a significant contribution to reducing homelessness across Buckinghamshire in the future.


Our aim is to work together with our partners to prevent homelessness for many households and ensure that necessary support is in place, for those households who do face losing their home. Additionally, we will work within the council and external partners to help those who are rough sleepers to address the issues that caused them to be in that situation, to then progress to a position where they can support themselves in accommodation.”