Worrying Letter

Today I received my copy of a worrying letter, as did many others I suspect, from William Boulder of National Grid working for HS2.

Whilst National Grid has little option but to work on the idiotic vanity project that is HS2, one would hope that in an effort to show that they know what is going on, someone in their organisation would understand the basics of sending a “ mailing “.

Having spent over 50 years in commerce, I determined early on, that any mailing should provide clear, precise information to the recipient. However the map on the reverse of my letter was totally illegible, NO help to anyone who has just moved to the area or an elderly person with poor eyesight.

Therefore I phoned National Grid to advise them of this, however the response which I received from them was UNBELIEVABLE.

The young lady told me it was “clear on her computer” !!!!! ( several times).

She was truly shocked to learn that however clear it was on her computer, it had little bearing on the quality of their printing. (perhaps in the ludicrous cost of HS2 they have factored in the price of a new iPad for all Wendover residents.)

She seemed truly astounded that I had the nerve to ask whether anyone had the brains to check the print quality of the letters before they posted them. No response!!!!

I hope that this lunacy does not reflect on the quality of other things originating from National Grid and HS2.

They jointly will surely cause more lasting damage to our Country than the Luftwaffe.

Will the last person to leave the UK kindly turn off the lights?

Many thanks,

Brian Prior, Wendover