Wendover Youth Centre Update – June 2016

The young people of Wendover put aside sartorial peer pressure for Wendover Celebrates last month, grabbed their chaps and joined the parade as cowboy fruit. We also had our very own Harriet dressed as a Fruity Call bag (a big thank you to the Hull family for all their hard work on the bag). Our young people manned a stall, with penalty shoot-outs, guess the name of the meerkat (which was Cody the cowboy) won by Hannah Edwards, pinball games and of course we sold our very own Fruity Call fruity bits.

We have been running our social enterprise Fruity Call in conjunction with Sweeney’s Budgens since February and the young people have been successful in fundraising, dehydrating the fruit, designing the bags, producing it and selling at the centre and events across Wendover.

Our young people are busy revising for exams right now but over the last two and half years they have made me and this community very proud as they have volunteered, joined in, put on events like the festival, the music gig, taken part in Fruity Calls and helped at so many local events. Whatever happens academically (and we’ve got our fingers crossed) we are very proud of what they do and who they are. Wendover, you have young people to be proud of.

Written by: 63