Wycombe Mayor meets prize-winning adult learner

Adult learner Sourat Fatima was thrilled after her prize-winning exploits led her to be invited to meet with the Mayor of High Wycombe.

Sourat (26), from Beaconsfield, visited Cllr Mohammed Hanif earlier this month, after he read about how she was shortlisted in a national creative writing competition.

“He invited me to show his appreciation for what I have achieved,” she said.

“He told me of the history of all the past mayors and that he was very impressed with my achievement.

“I told him about my work as a volunteer in class. How I translate language and make it easier for those who find it difficult. I also told him how the course has improved my English and how our teacher has built my confidence.

“Before I wasn’t able to communicate, but since joining this Adult Learning course I have improved so much in speaking and communicating. I told him how much help is provided in the centre for us.”

Sourat, originally from Pakistan, has been learning English for the last year at the Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Centre in Green Street, High Wycombe.

She competed against 200 other learners from schools, colleges and adult learning centres all over the UK and around the world in the English Speaking Board’s Christmas Creative Writing competition. Although she didn’t win the overall first prize, she was awarded a goodie bag, chocolates and gift voucher for her efforts.

In her piece, Sourat wrote: “I belong to a religion which does not celebrate Christmas, but I personally think that every festival is beautiful and we should respect all festivals from every culture.”

Sourat also recently became a volunteer on the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Entry 1 – Speaking and Listening for Ladies course running on Tuesdays at Green Street.

For more information on ESOL courses, please phone 01296 398957 (Aylesbury/Chilterns) or 01494 475975 (Wycombe/Sth Buckinghamshire) or visit www.adultlearningbcc.ac.uk