You speak French!

New Year resolution: Start learning French, it’s good for your health!

Every New Year, most people would like to do something new. Most of us think about losing weight or even exercising our bodies. What about exercising our brains by learning a new language?

It is really important to keep our brains active. Several studies have shown that there are huge mental benefits in learning another language. In the BBC2 series “Trust me, I’m a Doctor”, Dr Michael Mosley and his team proved it in only a few weeks with a group of mature volunteers – in learning a language you will not only improve your multitasking skills but also your memory.

At You Speak French, your local French tutor Malika Goodwin originally came from Paris, where she studied languages at the Sorbonne University. In love with the British culture, language and way of life, she has settled in England and lives locally in Buckinghamshire. Having trained as a teacher at Aylesbury High School and taught in several local schools, she has now produced her own You Speak French programme to pass on her language passion and expertise to young people and adults of all abilities who are interested in French.

One to one French Lessons in Bierton are tailored to the needs of each student but if you prefer learning as a group class, come to French conversation classes on Thursdays at Buckingham Park Community Centre, Aylesbury. French is taught there in a small friendly group environment for a more personal approach.For young people learning French at school, it is a huge benefit to have the opportunity to speak to a French native speaker outside school as it makes the whole French experience more real and authentic. If your child needs some extra motivation, coaching and preparation in the run up to the exams, Malika will support their specific curriculum to achieve a good grade.Would you like to take French as your new challenge this year? Come and enroll at You Speak French and start learning as a beginner or refresh your French language skills to take it to a whole new level for 2019. Be prepared to wow your friends and family while stimulating your brain cells!

See her website for further details or to book classes. Please email or call on 01296 337291 if you have any questions.