Your ideas for Wendover News

At its launch in 1989, Wendover News was a print only medium. Since then, it has become available on a website and social media – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • How could we serve you better?
  • What is your preferred medium of receiving Wendover News? print /online
  • How do you receive your Wendover News? at home/a shop or other outlet/print online/website/social media
  • How do you prefer to communicate with Wendover News? email/telephone/messenger/letter/other
  • How important is Wendover News to you? What are your favourite sections or is there an area of local life which you think has been ignored?

We are hugely dependent on local support and interest. This has been especially true during Covid-19. If you would like to become more involved (by delivering to homes, in a governance capacity, financially, or in any other way) please let us know AND include your details so we can be in touch.

Please respond by 31 January on paper, sent to our address – 1 Robert Mews, 13 High St, Wendover HP22 6DU, or through our website