Your memories of English country dancing in Buckinghamshire

Chloe Middleton-Metcalfe is writing her PhD at Roehampton university about English social folk dance and would like to hear from individuals who have memories of English country dancing and barn dances in Buckinghamshire.

She is particularly keen to hear from people who have reminisces from the 1940s-1970s.

Perhaps you danced at school, did you love it or loathe it? Perhaps you went to a barn dance run by your church or youth group, what was this like? Did you ever go to a charity barn dance? Did you teach English country or international folk dance? Did you ever go to your local folk dance club? Were you involved in the Schools dance festival in Aylesbury?

Chloe is keen to collect written memories, these could be sent my e-mail or post. If you would like the memories to be anonymised, please note this on the correspondence. By sending written memories Chloe understands that you will be happy for her to use these in her PhD and other research outputs.

Memories can be posted to C. Middleton-Metcalfe c/o Lisa James. Departmental Secretary, Department of Dance, Frobel College, Roehampton University, London SW15 5PJ. Or