It’s your time to Glow

It’s your time to Glow!

Introducing the ‘three F’ approach to a healthier you

A revolutionary approach to health and wellbeing, this new addition to the active scene seamlessly unites the three F’s – fitness, food and friends to deliver a uniquely tailored programme that quite literally unleashes your inner glow!

For years, those seeking to ‘get fit’ have been resigned to tackling one aspect of healthy living at a time – embarking on gruelling fitness classes that offer little in the way of dietary guidance, or opting for weigh-in classes that so often neglect the need for exercise. Both of which are quick to forget the fun element, and as we all know, when socialising takes a back seat, finding the motivation to run the extra mile can be incredibly tough!

Now there is a solution for those seeking an alternative 360 approach to wellness that they will want to continue. Glow is a nationwide franchise that brings together nutritional guidance and coaching on weight management, alongside high-energy work-out classes that are sociable and more importantly fun!

Glow FIT exercise classes combine the best professional trainers with the latest routines, spanning everything from classic aerobics to high intensity interval training, kettle bell routines to Zumba and Body Blast and Fitness Pilates. With Glow, it’s all about enjoying exercise and embracing fun forms of energy to leave you feeling empowered! Led by professionally trained instructors, the combined exercise programme brings together cardio, muscle resistance, alongside stretch & flex to reap targeted results that are technically spot-on.

Sitting alongside Glow FIT is Glow EAT. Helpful dietary advice and tailored nutrition programmes delivered by approachable experts that work in tandem with our exercise plans to ensure that weight loss and toning results are truly sustainable, supporting you as you lead your daily life to make considered choices that will ensure wellness in the long term.