Youth Concern 3 Year Strategy

We are excited to share our new three year strategy with you.

Our vision is that every vulnerable 13-25 year old in Aylesbury Vale will have the resources they need to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Our purpose is to be there for and respond to vulnerable young people when they need us most.

By September 2025, Youth Concern intends to deliver 6 key goals:

  • increase our annual reach from 700 to 1000+ young people across all services
  • further collaborate with other youth service providers, recognising and signposting to each other’s specialisms
  • hear and act upon youth voice, ensuring young people are intrinsically involved
  • create an environment where our people love to work
  • be actively using output and outcome data to learn and improve
  • ensure our finances remain in a good place

You can find our more about our strategy here.