Wendover News has been introducing you to members of the community almost since it began. This category contains articles about local people and articles in this category also feature on the page dedicated to local people. We also feature here some words on members of our community who have passed on. The Editor invites suggestions of people who might feature on this page and is happy to receive written contributions to this page.

Tribute: Irene Beer

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Irene Beer was born in 1925 in East Ham. She was the same age as the Queen, and her husband Jack was born the same year as Prince Phillip. They…

Julie (Abbott) Williams

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Julie (Abbott) Williams is chair of Wendover Parish Council. She arrived in the UK from Southern Africa aged 10, along with her parents and three younger brothers. She attended Weston…

Tribute: Chris Peeler

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Christopher Henry Peeler (January 1, 1936 – 17 September, 2023) Chris was born in London on 1 January 1936 to Edward and Majorie Peeler, the youngest of their five children.…

Tribute: Roy Collins

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Roy was a whizz with cars. His customers trusted him completely which is why they came back to him for help time and time again. His family and friends are…