Privacy Policy

Wendover News receives all its material with a view to publishing it for the interest and use of the people of Wendover and the surrounding villages.  If you do not wish your material to be published please ensure that you inform us in writing before or when you provide the material to us.

Personal data is stored for the use of Wendover News only and is not shared with any other entities, except with the express written consent of the submitter.

Organisations or individuals who contact Wendover News for the purpose of advertising or submitting material will be added to Wendover News monthly copy date reminder email. Copy date emails contain an “unsubscribe” link which allows for the removal of the recipient’s email address from the reminder email.

Wendover News may contact individuals or organisations separately from the monthly email reminder in order to advise of changes which may impact submissions or retention and use of personal data. If you are or have been an advertiser with Wendover News, such data as is legally required to be retained for tax purposes will be held for the period required by law. This may include names of individuals as well as businesses, and contact details including but not limited to postal address, telephone number and email address. Bank details will be retained solely for the purposes of billing advertisers.

Please contact Wendover News if you have any queries about the data we hold on you.