Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy

ACA Apollo is a team from Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy which is preparing to compete at the World Summit Competition in Florida after winning a bid at Nationals in Bournemouth earlier this year!

The Summit is the peak of the Cheerleading competition season with the best teams around the world attending to battle it out and become world champions. This is a huge achievement for these athletes who are working incredibly hard in the gym to ensure they are as successful at this competition as possible.

They have also been putting huge effort into fundraising to help towards this trip so they can ensure everyone on the team is able to go out to America for this competition. Their goal is to raise £30,000 which will cover all 19 members’ travel, accommodation and competition entry. They have raised a third of this so far with bake sales, bingo and a quiz night to name a few, but will continue to put on events in a hope to cover the remaining costs.