Aylesbury MP furious about HS2 Traffic Congestion

Aylesbury MP, Rob Butler, is furious with HS2 Ltd’s roadworks on the  A418 Oxford Road at Fairford Leys, following complaints from numerous local residents and councillors in Fairford Leys about traffic gridlock.

Local residents have told Rob that they received ‘little to no communication’ prior to the enabling works taking place. The MP has contacted HS2 Ltd to seek urgent clarification on reports that HS2 Ltd did not undertake accurate traffic modelling on the Oxford Road, meaning significantly more traffic than expected has led to long delays for local people.

Commenting on the situation, Mr Butler said:

“It is an absolute disgrace that HS2 Ltd has increased the number of lorry movements on the Oxford Road, seemingly without even working out the impact, let alone taking any action to mitigate it. Coupled with the enabling works, this has meant traffic is at a virtual standstill at peak times on this major arterial road. I have demanded an immediate explanation from HS2 Ltd, and will be asking the HS2 Minister Andrew Stephenson to investigate it too.

“Residents across the line of route, from Berryfields to Wendover, have always opposed HS2, and are bitterly disappointed that this overpriced  project is going ahead. HS2 Ltd knows this and its Chief Executive has promised me personally that the company will be a good neighbour while carrying out its unwanted works. A good neighbour does not create traffic pandemonium on our roads without putting in place steps to minimise the disruption and it frankly beggars belief that the appropriate traffic modelling has apparently not taken place.

“This cavalier attitude is not acceptable and it must stop now. As I said following the notice to proceed, I expect HS2 Ltd to treat local residents with respect and will continue to hold the company’s feet to the fire and call out its unacceptable behaviour publicly”