Kebbell’s recommendations for making your dining room luxe

More often than not dining spaces do not get the attention they deserve, but given that sharing a meal is often the time that a family comes together, the team at Kebbell has prepared some top tips on how to make your dining room look luxe and feel welcoming:-


  1. Table décor accessories. Enjoy the detail of table setting from napkin rings, vases, candles, ornaments, sculptures to linen, cutlery, coasters, glassware and tableware. There is no end to the possibilities of textures, sizes, colours and styles you can choose from. Make careful choices to avoid obscuring the view of those around the table by considering the height and shape of the decorations.


  1. Consider the positioning of your table and the logistics of the space. The table you choose should match the size and proportions of your dining area. A round table works well in the centre of a smaller room whereas rectangular tables are perfect for elongated rooms and can also be placed along a wall to save space.


  1. Create contrast. Whilst a wooden dining table and matching chairs is a lovely classic choice, if you like to create a talking piece choose chairs that aren’t the same style or colour but still complement each other and the table. Try different block colours, or upholstered chairs, or a bench on one side and chairs on the other.


  1. A dining room should be clutter free. Memories are made around the dining room table, making it a central space for quality family time and entertaining. Keep your dining room table free from paperwork and other odds and ends when preparing for that all important get-together.


  1. Add statement lighting. Chandeliers instantly set a glamorous and elegant tone to a room, whilst statement pendant lighting adds a more contemporary feel. Being able to dim or brighten the lighting can change the ambience depending on whether it is a family meal with hustle and bustle or a sophisticated dinner party. Opt for warm lighting instead of harsh white lights to create the right atmosphere.


  1. Artwork elevates any room and can add a pop of colour if your dining area is neutral. Bold prints will create a focal point or alternatively you could create your own striking gallery wall filled with multiple pieces.


  1. Accessorise with beautiful indoor plants and flowers. Plants add to the elegance of any space, help to filter the air and are soothing and restorative. For smaller dining rooms, a vase of freshly cut flowers make a stunning centrepiece and are a beautiful way to highlight any dining room table.


  1. Choose a striking feature like a statement feature wall with creative wallpaper or a grandiose, warm, deep paint. Try metallic accessories or bold lighting to make the room memorable and bespoke. Place opulent candles of various heights together as a focal point.


  1. Refresh your paintwork every year. It may seem unnecessary but if you do a lot of entertaining or have small children with sticky fingers then a new lick of paint will keep your dining room looking fresh and light!


  1. Revamp with a rug. For those with a larger dining room space, find the perfect rug to anchor the room. It adds aesthetic, layers and texture, whilst also providing a benchmark area to arrange the rest of your furniture.