Renewing your Buckinghamshire bus pass

Concessionary bus passes, which allow free bus travel for older and disabled people, need to be renewed every five years. Approximately 36,000 Buckinghamshire residents may wish to renew in March 2016 and holders are urged to check the expiry date printed on the front of their passes. Buckinghamshire County Council has set up the following straightforward ways to renew:

  • Residents with an older person’s bus pass can renew via the automated phone line on 01296 873011 or online at
  • Residents with a disabled person’s bus pass can also use the online portal at but will need to upload current proof of eligibility. Alternatively, call the bus pass team on 01494 586539

To renew you’ll need to have your National Insurance number (for the online portal only) and current bus pass ID (the long number across the middle) to hand.

If any ofyour details have changed since the card was issued, or ifyou have any problems renewing, then call 01494 586539 during Monday to Friday office hours where a team of people are on standby.

Cabinet member for Transportation Mark Shaw said: “the concessionary bus passes help thousands of Buckinghamshire residents get about every day. If you are a bus pass holder or know someone who is, we’d urge you to check the expiry date and renew as soon as you can if expiring in March.”

Cabinet member for Community Engagement and Public Health, Martin Phillips added: “We’ve provided extra resource on the phones to help support residents renewing their bus passes at this time. Pass holders will also be able to get more information and support with their renewals from County Council offices and their local library.”

Further information can be found at council offices, libraries and on board buses.