Roundabout unlocks economic potential at Westcott Venture Park

A new roundabout planned on the main A41 road at Westcott will open the way for further expansion at Buckinghamshire’s largest business park.

And, says Paul Irwin, Buckinghamshire County Council’s Deputy Transport Cabinet Member, it will significantly improve how the junction operates.

The roundabout will create a new dedicated access to Westcott Venture Park, one of three sites in Aylesbury Vale’s Enterprise Zone, allowing it to move ahead with plans for a £2 million Innovation Centre.

And it will unlock opportunities in the coming quarter of a century to create up to 57,000 sq m of high technology business space at the Venture Park, which could provide up to 1,375 jobs in the world-leading space propulsion and satellite industries.

Paul said the £1m roundabout and access scheme is the result of collaboration between the County Council and Westcott Venture Park, which has helped to keep costs down and accelerate the project. Funding is coming from the National Productivity Investment Fund.

“It’s amazing that one roundabout can provide so many benefits,” said Paul. “It unlocks great business potential for Buckinghamshire, it improves the operation of a major junction, and it allows us to provide improved public transport points to encourage sustainable travel.

“I’m really pleased this should also make the junction safer and more efficient for residents of Westcott and Ashendon, who’ve been pressing for a roundabout for a long time.”

County Council Leader Martin Tett welcomedthe economic growth opportunities the improvements promised. “This is a fantastic opportunity to build on Buckinghamshire’s entrepreneurial spirit, to create employment in high technological businesses that willkeep our county thriving and attractive,” he said.

Westcott Venture Park Project Manager Nigel MacKenzie said they welcomed the opportunity to work with the County Council to increase the capacity of the junction, allow greater traffic flow and stimulate development at the Venture Park. “This has helped to move the project forward at a rapid pace through successful partnership working on funding, design and delivery expertise,” he said.

The Venture Park submitted a planning application in early May and will work with the County Council on detailed designs during the summer. It is hoped construction work will start in September.